On 4 wheels

Foto: Visitdenmark.dkThe white cliff (Møns Klint and Geocenter Møns Klint)

The scenery at Møns Klint is magnificent. The impressive, white chalk cliff rise more than 100 m
vertically towards the sky. This unique piece of nature, is a must to experience.
Running time approx 40 min.

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Thorvang Danmarks Collecting Museum

Experience  the first collectiong museum in Denmark.
Running time approx 25 min.

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Gavnø SlotGavnø Castle/ Gavnø Go Fly

In the tulip season you will be able to see the yearly exhibition of more than 500.000 tulipaner flowering.
Go back in time see the old rocococastle, the chapel of Gavnø which was build in 1402 by Queen Dronning Margrethe the I.
Experience the breathtalknig view over the water from the top of some of Gavnøs 150 years tree top.

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If you or your kids enjoy amusement parks you have to go to Bonbonland. Its one of Denmark most
famous parks, filled with slides, carousels

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Take a drive amoung wild animals, watch the Giraffe, Southern white rhinoceros, have a break the the big nature playground
and the water playground.

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